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MedAdvisor Setup
Q: How do I register? A
Q: Do I have to visit the pharmacy to register for MedAdvisor? A
Q: What happens if I don’t activate my account straight away? A
Q: What happens if I lose my activation code? A
Q: How much will it cost me to sign up? A
Q: What if I don’t have an email address? A
Q: Not all my medications are listed in the home page. How can I fix this? A

MedAdvisor Mobile Apps
Q: Do I need to have a smart phone to use MedAdvisor? A
Q: How do I download the MedAdvisor App? A
Q: I have an Android phone but can’t find the App Store or MedAdvisor App. A
Q: I have a smart phone, but it’s not Apple or Android. Can I access MedAdvisor? A
Q: I have a new smart phone or tablet. How can I connect MedAdvisor? A
Q: How large is the MedAdvisor App? A
Q: Can I use MedAdvisor on tablet devices other than the iPad? A
Q: Can I use MedAdvisor when I’m out-of-range of internet access? A
Q: Will I receive messages and notifications when I’m without internet access? A
Q: If MedAdvisor is completely closed on my device (not running in the background) will I still receive notifications? A

MedAdvisor Internet & Email Access
Q: Can I access my MedAdvisor account via an internet browser? A

Privacy & Security
Q: How secure are my prescription medicine details? A
Q: Who can see my prescription medicine details? A
Q: Who owns my personal prescription data in MedAdvisor? A
Q: I forgot my password. How can I retrieve it? A
Q: Can someone else login to my MedAdvisor Account Using My Activation Code? A
Q: Can I use my activation code to setup MedAdvisor on multiple devices? A

MedAdvisor Medicine List
Q: When and how are prescription medicines added to my home screen? A
Q: If I visit a different pharmacy, will my scripts be shown in MedAdvisor? A
Q: What if I fill a script at a non-MedAdvisor pharmacy? A
Q: Can MedAdvisor help me track my non-prescription meds, like supplements and vitamins? A
Q: What happens when I get home and realise I have left over supply of medication? A
Q: I have a spare prescription at home – can I add it to MedAdvisor? A
Q: What happens if I don’t want to continue taking a medication? A

MedAdvisor Messages
Q: When will MedAdvisor remind me to fill my scripts? A
Q: When will MedAdvisor remind me to see my doctor? A
Q: I have a new script from my doctor – how do I stop the ‘See-My-Doctor’ reminders? A
Q: I can’t see any of my older messages for medicine X anymore, only the latest one? A

Take-My-Meds Reminders
Q: How do I change reminder times on “Take My Meds”? A
Q: How do I add another “Take My Meds” reminder time? A
Q: If I use a dose administration aid, can I still need to use MedAdvisor? A
Q: How can I get more information on setting up “Take My Meds” reminders? A

MedAdvisor Pharmacies
Q: What is my ‘favourite pharmacy’? Which pharmacy should I make my favourite? A
Q: What is a ‘MedAdvisor network pharmacy’? A
Q: If I change my favourite pharmacy, will the new pharmacy be able to see my old scripts? A
Q: I’ve moved suburbs. How do I change my favourite pharmacy? A
Q: Does the pharmacy “Nearby” and “Search” tool find all Australian Pharmacies? A
Q: How do I find my nearest pharmacy when I am away from home? A

Tap To Refill
Q: Do I need to leave all my scripts with my pharmacy? A
Q: I don’t want to leave my scripts at the pharmacy. Can I still use MedAdvisor? A

MedAdvisor Accounts
Q: What happens when my Medicare card or number changes? A
Q: I collect medication for someone else, can their medication details and reminders come up on my MedAdvisor account? A
Q: Does MedAdvisor replace the SMS system? A
Q: What happens if I logout? A

GP Link
Q: What is GP Link? A
Q: Are there any restrictions on the medications that can be prescribed via GP Link? A
Q: How does GP Link work? A
Q: How do I receive my prescriptions? A
Q: Is there a fee for this service? A
Q: What are the benefits? A
Q: Do I get any repeats on my prescription? A
Q: Why is my regular doctor not on the list? A
Q: Can I use the GP Link service if I do not have a favourite pharmacy in MedAdvisor? A
Q: From the time I place an order to when I receive an approval, how long will this take? A
Q: How long will it take for the script to arrive at my favourite pharmacy or chosen address? A
Q: What type of payments are accepted and is it secure? A
Q: When will I be charged for this service? A
Q: If I have requested for the script to be sent to my favourite pharmacy, how will I know when it has arrived? A
Q: How is my personal and medical information kept safe? A
Q: Are the On-Demand GPs registered in Australia? A