MedAdvisor for Your Pharmacy

Increase adherence and dispense volumes, boost patient loyalty and improve patient outcomes.
The PlusOne platform by MedAdvisor is the new and improved pharmacy companion that
leverages the full potential of mobile and web technologies.

PlusOne brings together the full capabilities of MedAdvisor and Healthnotes, along with new features into one powerful platform.

Run your pharmacy more efficiently and provide better services with tools that help you communicate directly to your customers, automate tasks and simplify processes.

PlusOne combines the best-in-market medication management tools including MedAdvisor and SMS, along with a new Health Services Hub to unlock your revenue potential through services.

Together with Customer Communications and Script Owing functionality, PlusOne eliminates the need for you to use multiple systems.

Medication Management
Increase script fills, loyalty and workflow efficiency, whilst offering your customers the ultimate convenience

Customer Communications
Strengthening your relationship with customers to drive increased loyalty

Healthcare Professional Collaboration
Save time and minimise lost revenue by automating script owing requests

Health Services Hub
Bringing services and patients to you so you can become a service driven pharmacy

Business Insights
Keeping a pulse on your business so you can maximise revenue opportunities

Join over 2,800 pharmacies today!

Sign up for PlusOne to enjoy additional value
and upgrades to your current MedAdvisor
console with our new monthly fee.

$120 +GST per month