• About MedAdvisor

    What are the benefits of being a Favourite Pharmacy?

    Nomination as a Favourite Pharmacy will mean that your logo and brand will be prominently displayed within respective patients’ MedAdvisor application. Favourite Pharmacy status will also enable the Tap-To-Refill feature. The use of the Tap-To-Refill feature encourages patients to leave their scripts on file at your pharmacy therefore increasing dispensary patient loyalty.

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    Do you have any marketing material to advertise MedAdvisor to my patients?


    Pharmacy Start-Up Packs containing printed material are available, free of charge. The packs contain promotional patients flyers, ‘MedAdvisor Network Pharmacy’ transparent glass stickers, posters, and counter mat. To request your FREE Pharmacy Start-Up Pack please email mailto:support@medadvisor.com.au

    You can also order an extensive range of quality in-store marketing material from the Promotions Store tab. This may include flyers, posters, window features, counter mats, cut outs and even TVs. Some of these items are FREE (including free postage), others at "at cost".

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    What happens if my patient who uses MedAdvisor visits a non-MedAdvisor network pharmacy?

    Patients sometimes visit other pharmacies, for example when out of town, or visiting friends or relatives. Dispensing transactions from a non-MedAdvisor network pharmacy will not appear in the MedAdvisor application. However, when the patient returns to your pharmacy to have their next repeat filled, their account will be updated to include current Days Supply and Repeats remaining.

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  • About PlusOne

    What is PlusOne?

    • PlusOne is the new integrated platform which brings together the full capabilities of MedAdvisor and Healthnotes, along with new features into one powerful platform - eliminating the need to use multiple systems.
    • With a new look, PlusOne brings together App and SMS to help you stay connected with all your customers; a fast and intuitive Professional Services suite of offerings; Script Owing capabilities (previously known as GP Connect); and a new Inbox displaying all your medication orders, tasks and notifications.
    • PlusOne helps to increase demand for health services through new capabilities that enable promotion of health services to target customer groups via the app, email or SMS.
    • Unlocking your revenue potential has never been so simple – build your digital database by signing up all your customers. Let PlusOne do the rest.
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    How much does it cost?

    Click here for PlusOne pricing options.

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    Is PlusOne compatible with my dispense system?


    PlusOne is available and compatible with all major dispense systems, including:

    • FRED Dispense
    • Minfos Dispense
    • Corum LOTS
    • Surefire Dispense (Amfac)
    • Healthsoft Pharmacy Pro
    • Z Dispense
    • CDS

    To check your dispense compatibility with PlusOne and it’s features, click here

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    How will my billing structure change with PlusOne?

    • Your invoice will now include a subscription fee for PlusOne (one month in advance), plus variable charges for the previous month (SMS and Script Owings).
    • If you are currently on a yearly invoice and are using the SMS capability or Script Owings, you will now receive a monthly invoice for those variable charges.
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    I am currently using MedAdvisor. When can I upgrade to PlusOne?

    The upgrade to PlusOne will commence from July 2017.

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    I am currently using Healthnotes. Will I be upgraded to PlusOne?

    The upgrade to PlusOne will commence from July 2017. Your pharmacy will be provided with an introductory offer which will closely align with the APP17 offer.

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    What if I don’t want to use PlusOne, but just MedAdvisor or Healthnotes?

    • MedAdvisor and Healthnotes will be offered exclusively within PlusOne.
    • PlusOne has many additional benefits that will bring your pharmacy significant revenue opportunities including the Health Services Hub and Owing Scripts.
    • The other major benefit to having PlusOne is the ability to communicate with your customers via the app, email or SMS. Being able to connect with your customers between visits will increase engagement and loyalty.
    • You can choose not to use the other features of PlusOne, however, they will be available to you should you wish to use them at any point. Taking advantage of PlusOne features will increase your store’s or group’s revenue opportunities.
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    What happens to my existing Healthnotes customers on SMS once I upgrade to PlusOne?

    • When you upgrade to PlusOne, your existing SMS customers will migrate automatically to PlusOne. They will be invited via SMS to register for MedAdvisor for their script reminders, ordering and many other new benefits such as accessing medication records, ordering OTC or NDSS items, ordering script renewals from the GP and more.
    • If the customer does not wish to upgrade to MedAdvisor, they will continue to receive SMS reminders without disruption. Our current data shows that approximately 28% of customers remain on SMS.
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    I have been using MedAdvisor with the SMS centre enabled. What happens with my SMS customers?

    • When you upgrade to PlusOne, your existing SMS customers will migrate automatically to PlusOne.
    • If you have any SMS credits remaining, they will be used before you are charged using the new method (charged at the end of the month).
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    What is SMS fall-back?

    • A new feature of PlusOne is SMS fall-back. This allows any customer who is signed up to the APP using only their mobile number via the “instant sign up” method, but doesn’t validate their account to receive reminders via SMS.
    • This ensures every customer you sign up will receive the benefits of script reminders.
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    I don’t want to be charged SMS fees at all. How can I avoid this?

    When signing up a customer, ensure you select APP and capture your customers email address during Instant Sign-Up. This means every customer will only receive email or APP reminders.

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    What are key changes to the Terms and Conditions?

    • As part of the upgrade to PlusOne, we have updated our Terms and Conditions.
    • Use of the PlusOne platform will require you to agree to the updated Terms and Conditions. Should you have any questions about this, please contact MedAdvisor Support on 1300 125 343.
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    Can anyone accept the Terms and Conditions?

    Your pharmacy will be prompted to accept the updated Terms and Conditions upon using PlusOne for the first time. We will inform you of the exact date your Desktop Application will be updated. We recommend you inform all relevant staff of this upcoming change and allocate an appropriate staff member to accept the Terms and Conditions on behalf of the pharmacy.

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    What training and resources will be provided for PlusOne?

    Online training videos, webinars, printable Quick Start Guides, and phone support will be provided to ensure you and your staff are confident in using the new PlusOne platform.

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    How does the Health Services Hub (HSH) differ from the current Professional Services feature?

    • The HSH is a much more comprehensive solution for health services. Beyond just the recording of services, the HSH will allow you to access new programs, many of which are funded by third parties thereby offering your pharmacy new revenue opportunities.
    • In addition, the HSH will allow you to easily invite your customers to targeted and relevant services via app, email or SMS, and patients will be able to book for these services via an online booking system. This will help to drive demand for services and incremental revenue for your pharmacy whilst improving patient outcomes.
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    When will e-Commerce and delivery services be available?

    More details of this will be provided in the coming months.

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  • MedAdvisor Technical FAQ's

    Is it possible to transfer patients from MemoCare to MedAdvisor and if so, how?


    Please contact MedAdvisor support on 1300 893 566.

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    Are there any additional maintenance tasks required for the MedAdvisor program, such as backup?


    MedAdvisor takes care of database backups, maintenance and security, giving you piece of mind and allowing you to spend more time with your patients.

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  • MedAdvisor Integration

    Can MedAdvisor and eRx be used simultaneously?


    MedAdvisor and eRx will run concurrently without an issue.

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    Can MedAdvisor and HealthNotes be used simultaneously?


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  • MedAdvisor Workflow

    My patient has just activated their account, how long will it take for their dispense history to be visible on the MedAdvisor application?

    Typically, it will take one hour, from patient activation, for script history to become visible within the MedAdvisor application. Please remember that this will depend on the method used to generate the activation code. Please refer to our knowledgebase article on Patient Activation.

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    How long will it take for dispensed medication to appear in the MedAdvisor application?

    Typically, it will take 20 minutes for a new dispense transaction to appear in the MedAdvisor application.

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    I’ve received a Tap-To-Refill request however the patient does not have a valid script for this item on file, what should I do?

    MedAdvisor provides you with the ability to send a response message to advise that a valid prescription will be required to complete the request.

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    How long does a Tap-To-Refill request take to appear in the pharmacy?

    Typically, it will take just a few seconds for patient Tap-To-Refill requests to appear in the pharmacy.

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    Can I automate the Ready for Collection message to patients?


    Please refer to our knowledgebase article on Patient Activation for further details on how to complete such requests.

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    If I dispense a script as owing, how will MedAdvisor handle this?

    MedAdvisor does not currently display details of owing prescriptions, however the application is able to identify when smaller quantities are dispensed as owing. These quantities will contribute to patients’ Number of Days value, within their application.

    The MedAdvisor Development Team are currently reviewing the way in which owing prescriptions are handled and displayed.

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    How will MedAdvisor handle a Regulation 24 prescription?

    MedAdvisor is primarily concerned with the quantity supplied in any dispensing episode, as this drives the Number of Days supply provided to the patient. Given that standard scripts may be for 30 + 5 repeats, Reg. 24 will mean that all 180 are dispensed at once (assuming a once daily dosing regimen). This will mean that 180 days supply are visible in the patient application.

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    How will MedAdvisor calculate the number of days supply for ‘as directed’ dosing instructions?

    MedAdvisor will not make assumptions regarding ‘as directed’ dosing instructions. Once imported, the number of days supply can be manually adjusted by the pharmacist with the MedAdvisor pharmacy console.

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    Can a DVA Repatriation Card Holder use MedAdvisor?


    MedAdvisor requires a valid Medicare Card number in order to generate an activation code. Please refer to the DHS website for eligibility criteria. (https://www.humanservices.gov.au/customer/enablers/medicare/medicare-card/eligibility-for-medicare-card)

    If a Repatriation Card holder is unaware of their Medicare Card number, you can obtain it from the Medicare Australia Enquiry Line on 132 290.

    MedAdvisor will shortly be activating support for gold card holders, who will likely not have a Medicare Card number. MedAdvisor will inform all pharmacies when support for Gold Card holders is added.

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    What happens if I delete/ cancel a script in my dispense software?

    MedAdvisor will usually remove any dispense records that have been deleted or cancelled automatically, however due to the sensitivity of this action it is strongly recommended that the cancellation has been reflected in the patients MedAdvisor profile. It may be necessary to manually delete the incorrect item from the patients MedAdvisor profile.

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  • MedAdvisor Data, Privacy & Security

    Who can access our pharmacy’s data in MedAdvisor? What data is stored?

    No identifiable pharmacy or patient data is shared with 3rd parties, partners or other clients of MedAdvisor. Your Pharmacy Data is accessible to:

    • Your pharmacy’s staff, through MedAdvisor pharmacy software installed in the pharmacy.
    • MedAdvisor’s staff, while they are assisting your pharmacy in installation, support or training matters.
    • Your pharmacy’s group head office staff, if the pharmacy has consented to share data with a pharmacy group head office.

    ‘Pharmacy Data’ includes:

    • Basic contact and promotional information about your pharmacy, as controlled in Settings.
    • Information about the buying/ownership/banner groups your pharmacy belongs to.
    • Statistics about your pharmacy’s combined activity levels with MedAdvisor (e.g. patient sign-ups), your patient’s activity in MedAdvisor apps or communications (e.g. Tap-To-Refill orders placed) and basic dispense rates/volumes.
    • Pharmacy staff contact details and sign-up metrics, where staff have joined a staff incentive program (MyRewards)

    In keeping with our MedAdvisor Pharmacy License Agreement and MedAdvisor Privacy Policy MedAdvisor will NEVER share identifiable pharmacy data with other clients, partners or research groups, without the expressed consent of that pharmacy.

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    Who can access data about our pharmacy’s patients in MedAdvisor? What data is stored?

    No identifiable patient data is shared with 3rd parties, partners or other clients of MedAdvisor. Patient Data is accessible to:

    • Your pharmacy’s staff, through MedAdvisor pharmacy software installed in the pharmacy – as long as your pharmacy is the patient’s nominated favourite pharmacy.
    • MedAdvisor’s support staff, while they are assisting your pharmacy or a specific patient in an installation, support or training matter.
    • Note: MedAdvisor keep records of all cases of access of a specific patient’s data, and the support query to which that access relates.
    • The patient themselves via their MedAdvisor account in mobile or web app, or via MedAdvisor notifications (SMS, email, voice, etc.)
    • The patient’s Carer, if they’re a consented ‘cared for’ user in a Carer Mode® account (Carer must hold a MedAdvisor account connected to the cared for individual).

    Patient Data may include:

    • Name, contact information and basic demographics (age/gender)
    • Details of prescription medications, NDSS products (if applicable) and OTC items supplied to the patient
    • Your settings and preferences for communications and features within the MedAdvisor apps
    • Statistics about your usage of MedAdvisor and its features and tools

    In keeping with the MedAdvisor Privacy Policy, MedAdvisor will NEVER share identifiable patient data with a third party without the expressed consent of that patient. De-identified, aggregate patient data (as described in separate FAQ below) may be collected from MedAdvisor accounts and is used for analytical purposes by pharmacies, pharmacy groups, commercial partners, research partners and in published reports.

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    What data is passed to MedAdvisor’s servers?

    All data outlined above in the sections “Who can access our pharmacy’s data in MedAdvisor? What data is stored?” and “Who can access data about our pharmacy’s patients in MedAdvisor? What data is stored?” is passed from subscribed MedAdvisor pharmacies to MedAdvisor’s secure web services.

    As a web-connected software platform, this is essential to provide patients with the MedAdvisor app and all related features from their mobile device or PC. Data must be kept on web servers to enable patients to access their accounts at any time day-or-night (regardless of connectivity to the pharmacy).

    Note that identifiable Patient Data is ONLY passed to MedAdvisor’s web servers for patients that have explicitly consented to sign-up to the MedAdvisor service. (This contrasts with some competitors that may pass ALL your patients’ data to their web servers, regardless of whether the patient has consented to that data transfer.)

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    What is de-identified, aggregate patient data?

    MedAdvisor may use patient data in de-identified and aggregate form for commercial or research purposes in working with clients, partners, research affiliates and NGOs.

    • De-identified means that all information that could be used to connect an element of data to the pharmacy or patient to which it belongs has been removed. Names and contact details, notes/comments and details of individual transactions and interactions by the patient have been removed.
    • Aggregate means that data/statistics have been grouped and summed or averaged across multiple patients. This means that viewers of such data cannot see individual records relating to only one patient, but instead see grouped or averaged data, such as state or national averages, adherence levels of all patients taking X medication, Tap-To-Refill usage rates of all patients with more than three prescription medications, etc. Aggregate data must include data from ten or more patients to be considered aggregate, to further ensure that individual patient data cannot be in any way inferred from results.

    Outside of the appropriate uses of patient data outlined above, the only sharing/use of data with 3rd parties (including published reports and studies) is after de-identification and aggregation have been applied – thus ensuring confidential data is always kept private.

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    When will MedAdvisor communicate with our patients?

    • From time-to-time MedAdvisor may communicate with patients to offer training tips, advice and warnings on the use of their prescription medications. Such communication is always reviewed by our qualified pharmacists and is typically authored and reviewed by the manufacturer’s clinical and legal teams to ensure it is accurate and appropriate.
    • Patients can opt-out of such communications at any time, via the web or moble apps or by contacting MedAdvisor’s Privacy Officer. Patients are offered an option to opt-out along with each message.
    • Typically training messages have been shown to deliver improved adherence to prescription medications.
    • MedAdvisor may also provide patients with invitations to participate in clinical research relevant to the medications they are taking. Patients may opt-out of these communications at any time.
    • MedAdvisor may also communicate general health and medical advice on behalf of NGOs or government. Again, patients may opt-out of these communications at any time.
    • From time-to-time MedAdvisor conducts market research of the MedAdvisor system’s effectiveness via online surveys – participation in these surveys is optional and anonymous.

    MedAdvisor does not disclose patients’ personal information to third parties for marketing purposes without their explicit consent.

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    What happens if our pharmacy discontinues the MedAdvisor service?

    A pharmacy choosing to discontinue the MedAdvisor service will have up to 60 days in which to plan/implement a migration approach

    Pharmacies may communicate to their connected patients using MedAdvisor in-App messages, SMS, email or manually over the phone or in person during that time. Pharmacies and patients may choose to move to a different patient communications or adherence platform at their discretion.

    Patients that do not disable or uninstall MedAdvisor apps under the pharmacy’s guidance will lose visibility and communications with their ‘favourite pharmacy’ once the pharmacy is disabled.

    MedAdvisor does not send any messages or communications to patients whose pharmacies disconnect from the service. Their apps will show an indicator/ribbon that explains that their favourite pharmacy is no-longer available.

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    What is the MedAdvisor Analytics Package (MAP)? Who can access data collected by the MAP?

    The MedAdvisor Analytics Package (MAP) is a free optional component of the MedAdvisor service for pharmacies. The MAP service enables your pharmacy and pharmacy group to see detailed analytics and reports regarding the script filling adherence of patients, including the ability to compare adherence for various categories of MedAdvisor connected patients vs those at your pharmacy not utilising the MedAdvisor service or reminders, amongst other metrics.

    MAP requires an additional plug-in to be installed in your pharmacy and additional data to be sent off-site to compile reports and analysis.

    Data collected by the MAP plug-in is handled as per the pharmacy MedAdvisor Pharmacy License Agreement and MedAdvisor Privacy Policy. Data is never shared with 3rd parties without your pharmacies expressed consent – for example when sharing your pharmacy’s metrics with a pharmacy group’s head office.

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    How is data stored by MedAdvisor secured?

    MedAdvisor follows appropriate best practices to secure the personal medication information of patients and other information held regarding pharmacies and pharmacy groups. MedAdvisor utilises security technology equivalent to that used in other high-security online services such as internet and mobile banking, e-commerce systems, etc.

    This includes the use of SSL/https 128-bit AES encryption wherever sensitive data is transferred across the internet. It also includes minimum requirements for password strength.

    All MedAdvisor servers are hosted in high quality Australian data centres with locally managed backup and redundancy services. Services include protection by managed firewalls with signature detection.

    Personal health and medical data is never sent or stored overseas, and no 3rd party organisations have access to identifiable MedAdvisor patient records.

    Other measures:

    • MedAdvisor infrastructure, systems and software have been externally audited, and undergo regular penetration and other security testing.
    • All service endpoints are accessible over SSL only.
    • All service endpoints sit behind a managed firewall, with full signature detection.
    • IP locking is used to restrict services which do not need to be publicly accessible.
    • A strong password policy is enforced, and all passwords are hashed for the purpose of storage.
    • All service calls are stateless in nature, and require authentication credentials to be passed on each call.
    • All patient identifiers are locally hashed on the client-side prior to transmission, and further encrypted prior to database storage.
    • Context-specific auditing is built-in, such that any access to any information deemed medically sensitive is logged in the database. Access level controls are provided for administrative functions.
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