Pharmacy Case Studies

The following case studies and testimonials provide real world examples of how MedAdvisor is assisting pharmacies in meeting their goals.
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21km South East of Melbourne VIC

285 Tap-To-Refill orders in five months

Interview with: Luke (Pharmacist)

Pharmacy Benefits

"MedAdvisor has been great; it has enabled us to retain patients where otherwise without the use of MedAdvisor we may have lost them."

"It has provided us with a competitive difference, and patients are coming to us because we are offering the app.

MedAdvisor has proven to be effective in retaining and expanding our current patient base. MedAdvisor has also helped bring pharmacy technology into the 21st century, it’s something we need to keep up with and MedAdvisor has done a great job at it."


4km East of Adelaide SA

Interview with: Amber (Pharmacist)

Pharmacy Benefits

"MedAdvisor is a fabulous idea and customers really love the service. Our pharmacy is located in a medical center and MedAdvisor has really helped us manage our script load by making our work flow processes much more efficient and by significantly reducing patient waiting times."

"The Carer Mode® feature has really helped simplify how customers help manage the medication of others. More importantly this feature has helped us ensure patients using Carer Mode® are more informed about all their scripts sitting in the pharmacy. Other benefits that we have observed include an increase in our scripts on file and overall improvement to our pharmacy workflow processes.

With the use of MedAdvisor we can provide a higher level of customer service by significantly reducing waiting times (patients are in and out within 5 minutes). Most importantly, we are helping ensure existing customer retention and overall patient expansion.

It's a great idea, definitely not a tedious program but rather a simple program 'as simple as 1, 2, 3'. The program only provides positives and no negatives."

Patient Benefits

"MedAdvisor is a single point service that helps patients manage their own and others' medication in a much more organised manner.

MedAdvisor offers a range of features which are all highly beneficial to our patients:

The Tap to refill feature allows our patients to easily order medications and reduce their waiting times.

MedAdvisor clearly displays 'Day Supply left' for each medication; this allows our customers to plan ahead before they run out of their medication.

The Dictionary feature is a very useful feature which allows our patients to read up on any medication they are taking or possibly may need to take."

"One of the best features that I’ve found to be most beneficial for patients is 'Carer Mode® ': it allows patients to easily manage other people’s medications on the one MedAdvisor account".


55km South-East of Brisbane QLD

561 Tap-To-Refill orders in a six month period

Interview with: Michelle (Pharmacist)

Pharmacy Benefits

"We have found the MedAdvisor service to be wonderful for both our patients and pharmacy business. Our overall script retention numbers has increased and our patients have been very happy with the service.

In our community, the key difference has been the ability to implement the service much more effectively than our competitors. We have been very happy with MedAdvisor and can see the benefits of such a service for both our patients and pharmacy."

"Unfortunately, with the current PBS reforms you really need to lock in your patients and retain them – MedAdvisor helps us do this easily and effectively."

Patient Benefits

"MedAdvisor has really helped simplify the burden of managing prescriptions from our patients.

Our patients really loved the Tap-To-Refill feature as they have the ability to order medications at the click of a few buttons. The notes section prior to placing an order has also been a big hit with our patients as they can easily communicate any additional items required with their order.

Our patients have just been happier with the service as they feel less pressure in managing their medications."


47km South of Perth WA

iPad competition winners week 1, activated 57 patients in one week

Interview with: Liz (Pharmacist)

The team was over the moon to discover they had signed up the highest number of patients between May 19 and May 25 inclusive. Staff activated 57 patients to use the MedAdvisor software, ahead of Chemmart Pharmacy Superstore Gosnells with 49 new activations and Charnwood Capital Chemist activating 45.

Pharmacist Liz Lim and her team are strong supporters of MedAdvisor because it helps their patients remember at times complex medication regimens.

"A lot of people find it particularly useful if they're taking a contraceptive pill, as it's critical to take it every day and they’re reminded to refill scripts before running out. It's also really good for parents with children who unfortunately get sick quite often and have to take antibiotics. They can use MedAdvisor to keep track of which antibiotics their child has taken in case of side effects and so on," Liz says.


41km South East of Melbourne VIC

Signed up 300 patients in a four month period

Interview with: Anthony (Pharmacist)

Pharmacy Benefits

"The benefit that I have seen for our pharmacy is the cost effectiveness: there are no charges with each message sent to the patient or by our pharmacy."

"The key to your success with MedAdvisor is that you need all your staff to be collectively promoting the service."

Patient Benefits

"MedAdvisor is a positive program which has allowed our patients to simply manage their medications by clearly displaying how many repeats they have left."


12km South East of Melbourne VIC

iPad competition winners week 10, activated 48 patients in one week

Interview with: Lauren (Pharmacist)

Pharmacy Benefits

"We aim to spend as much face-to-face time with our customers as we can. MedAdvisor has helped achieve this by improving our dispensary workflow with the 'Tap-To-Refill' feature."

"Patients love the tap to refill and this allows us to dispense medication orders during our quiet periods."

"The app empowers patients, providing them with much more control over their medications and displays all the details of their medications, allowing us to focus more time on the clinical aspect of their medications."

Patient Benefits

"MedAdvisor has allowed our patients to be more informed about their medications, clearly outlining their medications, (prescription) repeats and days' supply remaining.

The application also assists in reminding our patients when they are running low (on their medications) and the 'Tap-To-Refill' feature allows them to order prescription refills when they need more medications. The in-built reporting function shows an increase in medication adherence for our patients who are using the app."


362km East of Melbourne VIC

Signed up 342 patients in a three month period

Interview with: Mina (Pharmacist)

Pharmacy Benefits

"We have noticed a significant growth with the number of customers and overall script dispensing volumes - resulting in higher financial revenues."

"Our dispensary workflow has improved too, so we can now focus on dispensing orders during our quieter periods.

We have had many patients who don't come to our pharmacy on a regular basis but upon signing them up to MedAdvisor, we have been able to capture these patients as permanent customers.

We have been very pleased with the MedAdvisor program and are continuing to strongly promote it at our pharmacy."

Patient Benefits

"The Tap-To-Refill feature has been invaluable with our patients, they love the reduced waiting times and having such an organised method of ordering their scripts.

We have also noticed an overall increase in medication compliance with our customers, which is an issue that every pharmacy battles with."


31km East of Melbourne VIC

450 Tap-To-Refill orders in a six month period

Interview with: Melissa (Pharmacist)

Pharmacy Benefits

"MedAdvisor provides a means to maintain your current customer base and significantly expand with an effective interactive service."

"MedAdvisor helps increase your overall script orders correlating to an increase in overall pharmacy revenue.

By offering MedAdvisor to our patients is a point of difference from our competitors."

Patient Benefits

"MedAdvisor helps organise patient scripts that are kept on file into a really simple list, which clearly outlines the medication name, repeats left and supply days. Additionally, the 'take-my-meds' reminder service really helps with reminding patients about their daily, weekly, monthly and yearly medications.

The real value added by MedAdvisor to most of our customers is the 'Tap-to-Refill' function which helps reduce waiting times.

The medication dictionary is also a very useful feature that provides information about each medication."


7km North of Brisbane QLD

Interview with: Lorretta (Pharmacist)

Pharmacy Benefits

"MedAdvisor has allowed us to expand our customer base by keeping more scripts on file, increased medication compliance and overall business revenue."

"The service also helps us better manage our dispensary workflow processes as we can dispense medication orders during our quiet periods, allowing us to spend more time with our patients.

We are able to promote a cool new service, which has the ability to help our patients more so than a simple text message service.

It's a great new service that provides us with a competitive business edge, appealing to both older patients and the younger generation. MedAdvisor is simple to use and very effective in helping manage patients medications."

Patient Benefits

"MedAdvisor has helped our patients organise all their medication in a simple and clear format. The addition of a traffic light color system helps our patients clearly see when they are running low on any of their medications."

"MedAdvisor helps our patients to manage their medications by providing them with the ability to view exactly which prescriptions remain in the pharmacy and tell their doctor what prescriptions they require. Our patients also love the 'Tap-To-Refill' feature which allows them to order their medication when they need it.

The app saves patients time: they can order their medications at the touch of a button (on their phone) and we can process the order during our quiet periods.

The features offered by MedAdvisor have been loved by our patients and definitely benefited our patient-pharmacy relationship."


36km South East of Melbourne VIC

356 Tap-To-Refill orders in six months

Interview with: Nicole (Store Manager)

Pharmacy Benefits

"MedAdvisor has provided many benefits to both our patients and pharmacy; A key benefit of this has been an improvement in our dispensary workflow.

We are now able to offer an additional service that may not be offered at competing pharmacies. MedAdvisor is a free service that helps our patients manage their medications in a more simple and effective way. Our patients love this new service and we have begun signing up lots of new customers to our pharmacy."

"MedAdvisor is a great service to adopt in your pharmacy as it provides significant benefits for your patients and pharmacy business."

"The MedAdvisor service has impressed our customers who now seem much happier about managing their own/others medications."

Patient Benefits

"MedAdvisor has offered a range of beneficial features to our patients. Two which have stood out are the Tap-to-Refill and the Carer Mode® features. The Tap-to-Refill feature has allowed our patient to clearly see which medications they have on file and place orders at their own convenience. The Carer Mode® feature has provided greater flexibility and simplicity in the management of their/others medications.

MedAdvisor's traffic light system has been a great hit with our patients by clearly displaying their supply level (no supply, low supply or sufficient supply). One of MedAdvisor's unique features is the ability to manage over-the-counter medications autonomously."


317km East of Melbourne VIC

Signed up 140 patients in a four month period

Interview with: Peter (Pharmacist)

Pharmacy Benefits

"The MedAdvisor service has helped streamline the dispensary processes."

"We have invested time in to ensuring the success of this program (something that you must do). But now we are reaping in all the benefits of the service. Happier customers and better business practices."

"I highly recommend this program but your success is largely dependent on how much time you invest. If you put the time in you will benefit from the service. You also need to remain alert and ensure you’re not missing any customer orders and respond promptly."

Patient Benefits

"MedAdvisor has been very well received by our patients who love the interactive ability that the service offers. Our patients have also been impressed by our faster script processing times.

The Reminding feature is fantastic as it prompts our patients when they are running low with their medications. Another great feature is Carer Mode® , which has been handy in helping those patients that need to manage the medications of others."

MedAdvisor has offered our pharmacy an interactive platform to help organise and manage our patient's medications. It's easy to use and all at our patient's fingertips."


75km West of Sydney NSW

345 Tap-To-Refill orders in a five month period

Interview with: Phil (Pharmacist)

Pharmacy Benefits

"MedAdvisor has helped our pharmacy provide an effective avenue in helping our patients manage their medications.

The service offers a convenient and interactive way for patients to feel more included within our pharmacy and a more personalised means for us to keep in touch with our patients.

MedAdvisor has provided many benefits to our pharmacy business that otherwise we wouldn’t have been able to achieve."

"We have been able to increase our script retention levels and our overall customer base."

"The MedAdvisor's service has allowed us to service many more customers in a more efficient manner. We have also noticed significant increase in medication compliance with our patients that use the MedAdvisor service.

MedAdvisor has provided us a valuable tool to anchor patients at our pharmacy, especially younger patients who tend to float and not stick to one pharmacy. We found that signing them up to MedAdvisor has been highly effective with higher retention rates.

The more patients that you subscribe to the MedAdvisor service, the more benefits that you will obtain for your overall pharmacy business."

"Get organized, learn about it and get on the program as soon as possible. The benefits are exponential!"

Patient Benefits

"We have noticed that patients love the ability to monitor all their own medications and repeats on file in a live, interactive format. Patients have also complimented on the speed and ease of prescriptions processing, once again this has been great for our overall customer service results.

Our technologically savvy clients have found the MedAdvisor service to be a very useful and engaging program."


23km South West of Melbourne VIC

Interview with: Nish (Pharmacist)

Pharmacy Benefits

"We are now offering a service which provides us with a competitive edge, providing us with the ability to retain new customer scripts on file and expand our customer base."

"MedAdvisor is the future and it's important that bricks and mortar businesses keep up with the digital age. We can now provide our patients with a simpler way to manage their medication."

"Our pharmacy has benefited from the MedAdvisor program with significant workflow improvements, with patients using the 'Tap-To-Refill' feature allowing us to dispense (their) prescriptions during our quiet periods.

MedAdvisor has the ability to improve patient medication compliance, and increase pharmacy visits allowing us to interact with our patients more frequently.

The pharmacy details feature has been great as it clearly outlines all our opening hours and contact details."

Patient Benefits

"MedAdvisor provides a simple way to help our patients manage their medications with the 'Take-My-Meds' and 'Tap-To-Refill' features. The automated medication reminders have empowered our patients to be on top of their medications and increased overall medication ordering (and compliance)."


12km North-West of Adelaide SA

342 Tap-To-Refill orders in a five month period

Interview with: Nicky (Pharmacist)

Pharmacy Benefits

"MedAdvisor has allowed us to dispense orders during quiet periods and therefore focus more time on our customers.

The primary competitive difference is that we are now able to offer an enticing program which helps both us and our patients. We have really noticed that our patients are much happier with managing their medications."

"It's a great program, a must-have which will benefit your pharmacy workflow, customer satisfaction and have an overall business advantage."

Patient Benefits

"MedAdvisor offers a range of convenient features including organising patient prescription details in an easy and interactive format.

The Tap-to-Refill feature has been used widely by our patients. Patients compliment not having to wait around for their prescriptions as they can order and collect their medications at their own convenience.

The Carer Mode® feature has also been popular with our patients, simplifying how our patients take care of others medications."


595km East of Perth WA

Interview with: Elise (Pharmacist)

Pharmacy Benefits

"We have been very happy with the MedAdvisor service and achieved significant improvements in our dispensary workflow processes."

"MedAdvisor has provided our pharmacy a competitive difference with the ability of offering an additional service, helping our patients better manage their medications. Our other advantage is that our competing pharmacies don't offer the MedAdvisor service or are not pushing the service well, so therefore we have been able to capitalise on this and lock in more patients."

"I would strongly suggest signing up with MedAdvisor. It's a great program with many benefits for both your patients and pharmacy business. You would be silly not to sign up!"

Patient Benefits

"Our patients have really liked the ease of ordering medications while on the go and the ability to do all this within a simple interactive application.

The Carer Mode® feature has also been an instant hit and greatly appreciated by our patients who need to manage the medications of others."


30km North West of Melbourne VIC

Signed up 260 patients in a seven month period

Interview with: Sara (Pharmacist)

Pharmacy Benefits

"MedAdvisor is a great program that empowers our patients to be more informed about what scripts they have on file, increase medication compliance and thus overall (number of scripts being) dispensing and revenue."

"We have noticed that since introducing MedAdvisor to many of our patients, they are less frustrated thanks to shorter waiting times (for having scripts filled). We also feel that our overall dispensing volumes have shown a slight increase.

A reason for this increase could be because MedAdvisor allows us to keep new patient prescriptions at our pharmacy and enables our patients to see (via using the app) which scripts they have in our pharmacy.

We have also observed an improvement in pharmacy workflow, allowing us to process scripts during quiet periods throughout the day.

We have noticed that no all of our competitors are using MedAdvisor, so this has provided us with a competitive difference in the market place."

Patient Benefits

"MedAdvisor helps manage patient's prescriptions in a clear and simple program outlining how many repeats and remaining days' supply left. The Take-My-Meds reminding service has also been great in helping patients who tend to forget to take their medications. Also, an overall general increase in compliance has been noted with our MedAdvisor patients.

MedAdvisor also helps patients take their medications more accurately and reduce medication related errors.

The stand out feature which MedAdvisor offers our patients is the 'Tap-To-Refill' function, firstly allowing patients see which medications are running low and then order the specific medications required by the patient. This feature also helps reduce waiting times which has been applauded by many of our customers. The 'Carer Mode® ' feature has also allowed our patients to manage the medications of others in a very simple and more organised manner."


328km North of Hobart TAS

200 Tap-To-Refill orders in a two month period

Interview with: Chris (Pharmacist)

Pharmacy Benefits

"In the past we have tried other medication management programs none of which we have found to be helpful or beneficial in assisting and informing our customers. With MedAdvisor we now have a service which provides all these benefits.

MedAdvisor has benefited our pharmacy by helping us retain more scripts on file and subsequently more repeat customers."

"The competitive difference with MedAdvisor is that it has provided us with a unique service. We have also loved the ability to promote our pharmacy through the application."

"I would definitely recommend MedAdvisor. It's a must have service which is highly beneficial for both your patients and your business."

Patient Benefits

"The Tap-To-Refill feature is one of the best features MedAdvisor has to offer our patients. Not only does MedAdvisor display the medication names but also provides patients detailed information about each medication.

We have also noticed that MedAdvisor has helped improve medication compliance by being that service which gently reminds patients to take their medications and notify them when they are running low. This has helped prevent patients from running out or missing a dose."


212km North-East of Melbourne VIC

Interview with: Debbie (Pharmacist)

Pharmacy Benefits

"We have been very happy with the MedAdvisor service as it has helped us by freeing up time therefore the staff have more spare time to spend with patients and process any outstanding orders.

We have also appreciated the ability to offer a service to more difficult patients whom now can place orders remotely rather than call us.

Overall we have noticed that our patients have been happier with this added service."

"We have been able to lock patients at our pharmacy on the basis that we offer this service. These patients would have otherwise not have been one of our regular customers. This has been great!"

It’s a fantastic service and one that I would highly recommend. Once you spend the time and do the training you will find out how easy it all is. We had many patients ask to leave our SMS service but no one has asked to leave the MedAdvisor service, which speaks for itself."

Patient Benefits

"The free messaging feature has made it really convenient for both us and our patients to communicate with each other.

The other feature which has been used and spoken highly of is the Tap-To-Refill feature – the ability of clearly displaying what medications they have on file and order only what they need has been amazing.

Our patients love that they can order any OTC items, communicate and even request delivery by just writing us a short message."


10km East of Melbourne VIC

Interview with: Jason (Pharmacist)

Pharmacy Benefits

"MedAdvisor has the potential to really help improve your current customer base and (drive) great customer loyalty. We have begun seeing the benefits of the service and are actively promoting the service to reach even more patients."

"Our competitive difference is the provision of an additional service. Many of our customers are very impressed with the MedAdvisor service and the in-store promotional material has definitely helped."

Patient Benefits

"MedAdvisor has helped our patients better organise and manage their medications by syncing all their prescription information (in the app). MedAdvisor offers our patients a large range of features from medication reminding services, consumer medication information, ordering and more.

MedAdvisor's features provide our patients with a range of benefits in helping them better and more easily manage their medications. The automated reminders, ability of self-recording OTC products and Carer Mode® have been a great hit in our pharmacy."


44km South East of Melbourne VIC

220 Tap-To-Refill orders in a six month period

Interview with: Gowen (Pharmacist)

Pharmacy Benefits

"MedAdvisor has provided us with a point of competitive difference as well as great benefits to our patients."

"We are now able to better organise patient scripts on file and display that information to our patients simply, whilst also significantly helping minimize owing prescriptions. The individualised presentation of MedAdvisor has impressed our patients enabling them to feel a personalised service of care."

"We have been able to create a competitive difference by offering our patients an additional free medication management service that other pharmacies may not offer. MedAdvisor has also helped us convince our patients to leave their scripts on file and therefore locking in floating customers that otherwise we wouldn’t have been able to retain.

MedAdvisor is a simple and great service that is highly beneficial for your patients whilst also keeping you up-to-date with the advanced technological times. The service is a significant improvement than any of the current systems available."

Patient Benefits

"MedAdvisor offers an extensive range of features suited for both the older and younger generation of clientele. I've found in practice that the Carer Mode® feature has been extremely convenient for our patients, helping reduce the burden in taking care of someone else's medications.

Other features which have been great are the simplified presentation of patient medication information and the addition of a convenient ordering system."


94km North-West Sydney NSW

iPad competition winners week 3, activated 65 patients in one week

Interview with: Doueihi (Pharmacist)

They were our front runner in Week 3, achieving a whopping 65 patient activations for the week beginning June 2 until June 8!

Wodonga Amcal Pharmacy came second with 33 activations, followed closely by PharmaSave Central Square Pharmacy with 31 activations.

Pharmacist Phillip Doueihi was delighted to have won, saying that his encouragement of staff and focus on mentioning MedAdvisor to everyone had paid off.

"Having an iPad is going to help us better demonstrate MedAdvisor to our patients. I've been using my personal smartphone, which doesn't quite have the same effect," Mr Doueihi said.

The pharmacist said plenty of patients love MedAdvisor – even those he wasn't sure would catch on.

"Elderly people are really benefitting from the software, showing they’re really tech savvy, which I didn't really expect," Mr Doueihi said.

North Richmond Chemmart Pharmacy has found that many of their patients particularly benefit from having a range of information on hand about side-effects and tips for taking their medications.


16km West Melbourne VIC

iPad competition winners week 5, activated 40 patients in one week

Interview with: Medlyn (Retail Manager)

The pharmacy in Laverton, Victoria activated 40 patients; followed by Settlement City Pharmacy achieving 33 and Lakes Esplanade Guardian Pharmacy close behind on 27 activations.

The store was ecstatic to have won such a useful tool to demonstrate MedAdvisor in-store.

"We've been using our phones, which can be a bit awkward when demonstrating all the functions," Retail Manager Jenny Medlyn said.

Mrs Medlyn added "that patients were really happy with the MedAdvisor software because it allows them to access information about the medication via the Consumer Medications Information (CMI) function."


160km South-East of Melbourne VIC

A Total of 620 Tap-To-Refill orders

Interview with: Chris (Pharmacist)

Pharmacy Benefits

"The MedAdvisor platform has significantly improved our pharmacy workplace workflow."

"By offering the MedAdvisor program we have been able to pick up a few new patients, especially since some of our competitors haven’t yet started using/promoting MedAdvisor."

"Our patients who live out of town have really expressed their gratitude for such a service. Thanks for providing a really great program!

We have been very happy with the MedAdvisor program and our pharmacy business is reaping in the benefits. Definitely a program of choice which will benefit your patients, staff and overall pharmacy business."

Patient Benefits

"MedAdvisor has fit really well with our pharmacy clientele, as we have many patients that live in surrounding towns and now they are able to manage their medication orders remotely. The Tap-to-Refill feature has provided them with the autonomy and efficiency to better organise their town visits.

I appreciate the simplicity of the communication feature, allowing us to contact our patients so easily. Also, the notes section area at the bottom of an order allows patients to request any additional items before placing their orders. The Carer Mode® feature has also been a great hit – simplifies everyone's lives."


33km South-East of Perth WA

iPad competition winners week 2, activated 51 patients in one week

Interview with: Bo (Pharmacist)

They claimed this week's iPad Mini for signing up and activating 51 patients to the program for the week beginning May 26 to June 1!

The team were a cut above fierce competition from Malouf Group Pharmacies Rockhampton, which activated 34 patients, and Mundaring Amcal Pharmacy trailing just behind on 32 activations.

Pharmacist Bo Chai was thrilled to receive the news. She encourages her patients to sign up with MedAdvisor because, among other things, it assists in recording medical history.

"If someone visits a GP who is not their regular one, they can show MedAdvisor to this doctor so he knows exactly what they're taking to prevent error in prescribing incorrect or unsuitable medication," Bo explains.

With eight weeks left, there’s plenty of time for your pharmacy to build MedAdvisor activations, putting you in the running for an iPad Mini to assist with in-store demonstration of the software.

Keep in mind that your pharmacy may distribute a lot more activation codes than these numbers reflect, but the patient needs to complete the activation process for the data to count towards our competition tally.


26km North-East Perth WA

iPad competition winners week 6, activated 70 patients in one week

Interview with: Michael (Pharmacist)

Swan View Pharmacy achieved the most MedAdvisor patient activations this week, making it the lucky winner of an Apple iPad Mini!

The pharmacy in Swan View, Western Australia activated 70 patients.

The store was excited to learn that their efforts had won them an iPad Mini.

"The availability of in-store WIFI for patients has meant that we have been able to activate patients whilst in the pharmacy, without the need to use up their data allowance" Pharmacist Michael Slate said.

Mr Slater added that the Carer Mode® feature was especially popular with his patients – especially Mums who are managing their childrens' medication.